Kit Option #3


Kit Option #3


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Product Description

Option #3 is a complete hive kit all in cedar for a wonderful look in your back yard. This kits will include everything you need except the bees to get started in your beekeeping endeavor. This kit is the ultimate package for any new or current beekeeper

  • Single Raised Log Hive Stand
  • Standard Cedar Bottom Board
  • 2 Deep Cedar Boxes
  • 20 Deep Assembled Frames with Plastic Foundation
  • Cedar Bee Escape
  • 2 Medium Cedar Honey Supers
  • 20 Medium Assembled Frames with Plastic Foundation
  • Cedar Inner Cover
  • Cedar Shake Hive Top Cover
  • Cedar Entrance Reducer
  • 1 J hook hive tool
  • 1 bee brush
  • 1 smoker
  • Round Hood Bee Suit
  • Bee Gloves
  • Frame perch


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